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Re: question about limits

Pierangelo Masarati wrote:


I note that most of those ACLs are invalid for 2.2.X, while you claim you
tested both 2.1.X and 2.2.X with comparable results. Valid corresponding
ACLs for 2.2 would be


The ACL I used for 2.2 was 1 rule

access to *
       by * read

This was done to rule out the possibility that ACL's were my problem... (And the problem was still there)

If by "1 ACL" you mean the only one that is activated by your search, then
we're back to the ACL problem. But in your case I rather suspect some
indexing problem, in the sense that for one search (the "final" one)
you're not hitting the ALLID limit, so indices are used, while in the
other (the "any" case) you're, so indices are not used. I suggest you
carefully recheck how things behave in 2.2.X and, if the problem persists,
try an alternative way of filtering data, e.g. adding a "mail domain"
attribute for exact searches, or anything like that.

With the ACL used for the 2.2.17, I ruled out that it was a ACL problem...

I have to look into the ALLID limit thing...

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