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Re: openldap very fast on one machine, slow on another

* Jason Joines <joines@bus.okstate.edu> [1025 22:25]:
>    I did just find one more major difference.  The kernel configuration 
> for minimum and maximum timeslice for CPU scheduling is different.  On 
> the fast box min and max are set to 1000 and 40000 which my 
> distribution's documentation says is best for "For interactive desktop 
> use".  The slow bax has min and max of 10000 and 300000 which it says is 
> good for "non-interactive use".  Which is more appropriate for an 
> OpenLDAP server used for authentication?

Are other processes on the box dog slow too? If not,
I'd say leave that alone - mucking with timeslices is a good way to make
a box horribly unresponsive. 'non-interactive' here I think means batch
processing rather than multi-user setups.

I run slapd on mini-itx boxes with C3 CPUs (600 and 800 Mhz) and 
they are couple of orders of magnitude faster than the  stats you posted,
so your slapd (or bdb) is just horribly broken. It would make sense to 
do a clean build from source, from the latest stable versions of each.

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