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Re: openldap very fast on one machine, slow on another

Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:

At 09:45 AM 10/15/2004, Jason Joines wrote:

I have OpenLDAP 2.2 set up on a test machine and it's very fast.
[lots of talk about non-OpenLDAP Software deleted]
The same time difference is obvious using ldapsearch as well.

A sample of the ldapsearch(1) command used would be useful. What happens when you alter the command? For instance, is there a difference between "localhost" and ""?

The only difference I can find ...

Keep looking....

OpenLDAP 2.2.6

You should consider upgrading to at least the latest stable release.

"ldapsearch -x -h uid=bogus" and "ldapsearch -x -h localhost uid=bogus" are both equally slow. The result just staggers across the screen, you can see it jerk from one line to the next. The uid attribute is indexed and the same attributes are indexed on each server. Searches such as "ldapsearch -x -h localhost objectClass=sambasamaccount" are just as slow. Using the same searches from the same machine but seaching the test box, "ldapsearch -x -h testserver uid=bogus", are so fast you can't even see the results go by.

I've just been using the latest RPMs provided by my distribution but I'll try that if necessary.