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RE: OpenLDAP 2.0.X master. OpenLDAP 2.1.X slave

Good day,

> Just so you know, a successful slapadd does not prove anything about
> schema compliance. According to its manpage, slapadd
> "does not verify that superior entries exist before adding an entry,
> does not perform all user and system schema checks, and does not
> maintain operational attributes"

Thanks for the clarification- the fact that it doesn't need the
structualObjectClass operational attribute is probably why it does work.

We do know, though, that we had to make considerable changes to our schema
to get it to load in 2.1 (mostly making sure we had a structural objectclass
chain), etc. just to get it to load in 2.1, way back when.  Far be it for me
to question the man page, so I won't, but I do know from experience that if
a structural objectclass chain for a record is not correct, if the entry
violates my user schema, or the proper attribute to match the RDN is not
there, slapadd will reject the entry.  I do know that superior entries don't
need to exist, though.

Oh well.  I will be sure to be careful in the future with slapadd.

Thanks again,
Darren Gamble
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