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OpenLDAP 2.0.X master. OpenLDAP 2.1.X slave

Good day,

My apology if this was a repost, but I'm pretty sure this didn't make it to
the list yesterday...

We're trying to set up LDAP replication between a 2.0.27 master and an
openldap 2.1.29 slave.  The goal is to upgrade the servers to more recent
versions in the coming months, but we're trying to get it working as-is.
Master is Red Hat 9, slave is Fedora Core 2.

Replication appears to be working fine to other 2.0.X slaves, but new
records that we add don't propagate to the 2.1.X slaves.  When the 2.0.27
slurpd tries to update the slave, the slave complains with "No
structuralObjectClass operational attribute".  Deleting records is fine.  We
encountered this problem before, but the cause was a misconfigured master
server, which is not the case here.

>From the FAQ:

No structuralObjectClass operational attribute
    This is commonly returned when a shadow server is provided an entry
which does not contain the structuralObjectClass operational attribute.

My guess is that a 2.0.X master server simply does not supply this attribute
to its slaves, and that it's just not possible for this combination of
versions to interoperate.  I haven't been able to find more information on
this sort of situation.  Could someone confirm one way or the other, or tell
us if we're missing something here?

If so, if we were to upgrade the master server to something more recent,
would this break any 2.0.X slaves it had?

Thanks in advance!

Darren Gamble
Planner, Regional Services
Shaw Cablesystems GP
630 - 3rd Avenue SW
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
T2P 4L4
(403) 781-4948