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Re: upgrades and replicas

At 01:43 PM 10/13/2004, Dick Davies wrote:

>I'm about to upgrade a 2.2.15 master to 2.2.17 - I slapcat a backup daily,
>so thought I'd try just upgrading the server and pointing it at the 
>existing bdb backend  for starters.
>If it goes boom for any reason, I'd normally just remove the old bdb database,
>and then slapadd everything back in.
>But since the last upgrade, I've added a slave (replica via slurpd) - would this
>cause problems?


>I'm unclear as to whether I should disable replication until the
>master directory is back up to date, or if slurpd will be OK with a sudden inrush
>of data - last thing I want to do is end up bringing down the slave too :)

With the master down, there will be nothing to update the replog.