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Re: slurpd error: creatorsName: no user modification allowed

On Wed, Oct 13, 2004 at 05:40:03PM -0300, Bruno Negrão wrote:
> The "replica" directive needs a "credential" parameter to set the binddn's 
> password slurpd goona use. But in the slave machine, the "updatedn" 
> directive doesn't specify a corresponding "credential" parameter.
> How can I set in the slave machine what is the password of the updatedn 
> (when this is not the same as the rootdn)?

The updatedn is just a binddn as any other one. So, either you have some SASL
mechanism to authenticate this dn or you have an entry in the directory for
this binddn and an userPassword attribute in it. You don't specify a password
for it in the configuration file as may be done with rootdn.