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Re: slurpd error: creatorsName: no user modification allowed

Configure it to act as a slave. Apparently, what you consider the
"slave" is not configured to behave as such. I suggest you read the admin guide about setting up replication (http://www.openldap.org/doc/admin22/replication.html ) and follow instructions step by step to check out where your replica is misconfigured.

Ok, I missed the to set the "updatedn" directive in the slave machine. But I had to this to be the same as the rootdn.

When i think about changing this to a different DN, a questioning shows up:

The "replica" directive needs a "credential" parameter to set the binddn's password slurpd goona use. But in the slave machine, the "updatedn" directive doesn't specify a corresponding "credential" parameter.

How can I set in the slave machine what is the password of the updatedn (when this is not the same as the rootdn)?