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Announcing ldap-interop mailing list

I'm proud to announce the availabilty of the ldap-interop mailing list.

Head to http://lists.fini.net/mailman/listinfo/ldap-interop for subscription information and archives. The charter is written as:

	The FINI LDAP Interoperability list is a list for discussing
	issues of making LDAP work in a multivendor world. Generally
	we have an open source bent and are familiar with OpenLDAP
	on the server side, but you're welcome to ask questions
	regarding proprietary LDAP servers or clients.

	If your vendors have forums or other ways of requesting help
	please also ask your questions there and point us at the forum
	or mailing list thread if a URL is available.

	The list is not moderated and will only accept submissions from

Comments welcomed.



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