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RE: Newbie Question

Cool, I added that line an now I get a little further to here, but I get the failed to read entry any ideas?





Jimmy Hayes




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Jimmy Hayes wrote:


>Hello I installed openldap 2.2.17 on my linux 8 box and I am having some

>problems accessing the ldap server from a utility.


>I can do searches and modify data with the ldapsearch and ldapadd no

>problems. However I am trying to use a utility called ldap/browser

>editor v2.8.1 and I can't connect to the server. The utility requires

>the host://which I put the server name, it also requires Base DN which I

>type dc=domain,dc=com which is what I have on my

>/usr/local/etc/openldap/ldap.conf with a line that reads

>BASE dc=domain, dc=com.


>i think it should work but for some reason it fails. Is there anything

>else that I need to configure on the server? Or did I misconfigure some

>of the above?

>Thanks any help is appreciated.



turn on verbose logging on slapd and see what happens.  A common reason

(but I don't know about your) client is that LDAPv2 bind is disabled by

default, but many clients still use it.  Try adding "allow bind_v2" in








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