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Re: slapd failing

Payal Rathod wrote:
On Tue, Oct 12, 2004 at 01:44:53PM +0200, Buchan Milne wrote:

What CPU are you running this on? I suspect it's a non-i686, since you are having problems with NPTL.

I have AMD K6-II. My kernel was updated few months back to 2.6.3-15mdk
Also I have,
# /usr/sbin/slapd -f /etc/openldap/slapd.conf -d 4
daemon_init: <null>
bdb_initialize: Sleepycat Software: Berkeley DB 4.2.52: (March 25, 2004)
bdb_db_init: Initializing BDB database
bdb_db_open: dc=localhost
bdb(dc=localhost): unable to initialize mutex: Function not implemented
bdb(dc=localhost): /var/lib/ldap/__db.001: unable to initialize environment lock: Function not implemented
bdb_db_open: dbenv_open failed: Function not implemented (38)
backend_startup: bi_db_open(0) failed! (38)
bdb(dc=localhost): txn_checkpoint interface requires an environment configured for the transaction subsystem
bdb_db_destroy: txn_checkpoint failed: Invalid argument (22)
slapd stopped.
connections_destroy: nothing to destroy.

Then, you need to try rebuilding openldap-2.1.29-5mdk or later, such as the current cooker SRPM:

For 10.0, you also need a copy of db-4.2 and two patches, the easiest way may be to install the SRPM for db4.2:

So, download the two SRPMs, then run:

# rpm -ivh db42-4.2.52-6mdk.src.rpm
# urpmi -s openldap-2.1.30-3mdk.src.rpm
# rpm --rebuild openldap-2.1.30-3mdk.src.rpm

Install the resulting RPMs, and it should work.

I can't reproduce this problem myself (I have no non-i686 hardware), so I can't test this myself (and no-one who is affected has been able to provide sufficient information or file good bug reports), so I can't justify shipping an update. If you really don't succeed as above, let me know, and I can try and provide binary packages for you.


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