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how can you tell if md5 is in use

I'm trying to get user passwords stored in md5 format in my OpenLDAP 2.2.6 directory. I changed by own password, then did a dump of the database via slapcat and looked at userPassword expecting to see somthing like {MD5}somestring. It din't have {MD5} in front so I looked at userPassword via ldapsearch authenticating as the directory manager. It looked the same. I then used slappasswd -h on the password with each hash type to see which one it matched. I didn't match any. I then changed my password again and again looked at it with both ldapsearch and slapcat. The string was the same as before the change but the new password was definitely in effect as evidenced by failing to login with the previous value and succeeding with the new one. How can I tell what hash format I'm using?

Jason Joines