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value of naming attribute 'dc' is not present

Hi all,

we´re running an Apple OpenDirectory server, which uses an OpenLDAP 2.1.22 as its slapd. Since we´re experiencing some trouble with slapd, such as that slapd becomes slower until its so slow that it is nearly useless, I wanted to check our slapd db and thus I used slapcat -l to export it,

Apple uses slapd without schema checking and I was wondering if turning it on would reveal any problems and in fact it did. While trying to re-import slapd`s db I encountered the following error:

slapadd: "dn=dc=foo,dc=bar" (line 10): (64) value of naming attribute 'dc' is not present in entry

I took a look at the file generated by slapcat and found the following:

dn: dc=foo,dc=bar
entryUUID: 2f1a8cec-3427-1028-9ac0-bbac8108d2f4
creatorsName: uid=root,cn=users,dc=foo,dc=bar
createTimestamp: 20040507040304Z
dc: foo,dc
objectClass: domain
entryCSN: 2004081110:19:10Z#0x0001#0#0000
modifiersName: cn=Manager,dc=foo,dc=bar
modifyTimestamp: 20040811101910Z

Is it correct to change the line "dc: foo,dc" to "dc: foo,dc=de", or what would the correct value of the naming attribute be?


Stephan Budach

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