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Re: Revision Control of LDAP Entries...

> I wrote my own front-end to an application that does ldap changes, similar
> to phpLDAPadmin.  In that application, whenever there is a change it
> writes out the before and after of the particular entry.  If its a delete,
> then it just writes out all the info on that entry before the delete.  I
> also have the app making sure that it can write to that file before it
> actually does the change/delete.
> I haven't had to use it yet, but at least I have a repository of all the
> changes that take place in case I need to.  I'm sure there is a better
> way, but I needed something quick.  Of course, this will only work if the
> change is made with the front-end.

This wouldn't occur if you used an overlay.  There is something with is
partially related in HEAD code, the lastmod overlay.  It writes in an
in-memory entry the DN, the modifiersName and the modifyTimestamp of all
successful writes.  I think it could be easily modified to log the desired
data to a file.  It has been noted that such an overlay wouldn't be a good
idea in DSAs subject to heavy writing, because it serializes writes.  I
guess the same would happen for an overlay that writes changes to a unique
repository.  Note that replog replication is currently handled mostly the
same way, by means of callbacks in a way that resembles overlays, and I
guess it could also be rewritten with a real overlay...

Ciao, p.

Pierangelo Masarati

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