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Re: 2.1GB file size limit on slapcat?

Armbrust, Daniel C. wrote:

If I don't use the -l option, and instead just pipe the output of slapcat to a file, things work.

Is it a known issue that the -l option can't write a file bigger than 2.1 GB?

Should I file an ITS?


On most 32 bit operating systems, you need to enable large file support to deal with files larger than 2GB and it is not enabled by default. How you enable it is a platform-specific matter but generally involves adding some #define's at compile time.

The reason that slapcat to stdout works is because stdout is not a file, so it has no file offset, and thus no 32 bit file offset limitation. But when you use "-l" the slapcat program must open a file, and by default it uses an open function that only works with 32 bit offsets.


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Why is slapcat failing on me when it hits 2.1 GB?  It says "File size limit exceeded".

Yet, my OS and my disk both support larger file sizes than this (in fact, some of the bdb files in the database I am dumping are much larger than this...

I'm currently trying to dump a 2.2.15 database, so I can load it into a modified 2.2.17 release.

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