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RE: dual server replication possible?

It seems that the replog is building it self as 

replica <host>
replica <host2>
modifications here

After that when slurpd runs, it only replicates to one server. That being the first directive that's placed.
It does replicated fine to the first. I just don't see anything coming in on the second server. My problem here lies with
the fact that the first server is a live server, that's used as a email authentication system. So I have to keep debugging to a minimum.
Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated.


> the only difference from my config is that I have the replog file before
> the first replica statement in slapd.conf

originally I had it like this. I figured that maybe each directive could have its own directive for a replog,
later to realize that slurpd will only check one of them. This is a straight out of the box gentoo ldap install,
so the master box is just using the init scripts. My one slave box is taking replications from multiple master single replication
boxes. The only one I'm having a problem with is with this dual replication master.

> You should have a rep.log and rep.log.lock in /home/ldap/slurpd/rep.log
> and you should have slurpd's own files which are probably in
> /usr/local/var/openldap-slurp/replica. Note that the replog file that
> slapd writes to *must* be different from the files used by slurpd.
> slurpd makes its own copy of the data changes before pushing them out to
> your servers. If one of your servers is not getting the changes then
> there should be a .rej file which should explain why.

I see both the slurpd.status and the slurpd.replog files. Is the slurpd.replog an untouched file that just collects what changes
have been made without ever clearing the file like the actual replog file created from the directive? my rej files are out of date,
so I will assume there hasn't been any errors that they have been collecting. They're dated for the 23rd of Sept. I just started this whole dual replication system this week, so I believe I can safely assume that it should be working.

In the slurpd.status file it has both servers listed on separate lines with the <host>:<port>:<not to sure what this is>:<single digit, either a 0 or 2)
so they look like:


going to try and place the replog directive before the database directives and see what happens. 

Now I seem to be having the same problem. For some reason its just not sending it to the second box.