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Re: Syntax question...

Armbrust, Daniel C. wrote:

Howard recommended that I modify back-bdb/idl.h BDB_IDL_DB_SIZE and BDB_IDL_UM_SIZE to work around a problem I reported (ITS #3343).

Those lines of code are:

/* IDL sizes - likely should be even bigger
*   limiting factors: sizeof(ID), thread stack size
#define BDB_IDL_DB_SIZE         (1<<16) /* 64K IDL on disk */
#define BDB_IDL_UM_SIZE         (1<<17) /* 128K IDL in memory */

This is probably something I should know - but what numbers would I put in here if I wanted to quadruple each of these variable values? I don't understand the syntax of (1<<16) (and haven't been able to find any documentation)

You should probably find a C language reference guide if you don't understand the syntax.

Also note that each thread allocates a bunch of these IDLs in a private stack, so changing these numbers will increase the memory usage of each thread by a large amount.

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