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Re: How can I define unique attribute types in my own schema?

Sadik Kumlali wrote:
Dear All,

I could not found a way of doing an attribute unique while defining my
own schema.

I need following attributes:

bookCode (unique)

What I want is not to allow duplicate bookCodes.

By which you mean you want to prevent one entry having multiple bookCode attributes?

I thought that it might caused by attribute identifiers such as SYNTAX and EQUALITY. However, if I try to insert same 'cn's for inetOrgPerson, it does not allow me while it allowing me to insert same 'sn's. I found that both of 'cn' and 'sn' are defined as 'SUP name'. So there is no difference in definition. What mechanism enforces the OpenLDAP not to allow duplicated 'cn's?

Maybe the definition of uidNumber etc in nis.schema make a better example?

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