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RE: Unknown CA error - replication

man, 04.10.2004 kl. 22.56 skrev McMaster, Michael:

> Can anyone answer: is it possible that OpenLDAP was not
> configured/compiled with the correct options?  Should the defaults
> suffice for replication with TLS/SSL?  For example, I'm pretty sure
> '--with-tls' is default... are all the other necessary flags default
> too?

Do an 'ldd' on whatever Openldap binaries you want to check. If you see
libssl and libcrypto there, and those libs exist on your system, then
you should be home and dry :) If the required functionality was not
present in those libs during compilation, Openldap would not have
compiled. Did you run 'make test', and did it complete satisfactorily?
(test007-replication, test021-certificate since late January this year).


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