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Virtual server/Real Server SASL woes

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Hello friends,
I recently got a nifty little NetScaler box to load balance my servers.  I created a principal for my virtual service (ldap/ldap.cedar.uta.edu) and changes the slave configurations such that the line "sasl-host" specifies ldap/ldap.cedar.uta.edu instead of the actual hostname.  This works great and I can do SASL binds.  But if I try to connect directly to a machine using SASL, I get a Decrypt Integrity Check Failed error.  I'm assuming this is because of the now my ldap server is trying use the ldap.cedar.uta.edu name instead of the hostname (if I swtich that line, I get the opposite effect).
(How) Can I setup my OpenLDAP servers to support both direct connections and connections through the virtual service?
-- DK
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