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Re: Antwort: Re: TCP/IP connection to LDAP backend never disconnects [Virus checked]

Please, reply on the list.

I note that in your slapd.conf you have 2 "uri" directives. The first one is ignored. However, they seem to point to the same server, so this makes no harm (just confusion). Then you have two suffixes, which is not bad in principle, but it's unclear what you expect from it. The short answer to your question is: no. COnnections are persistent (the anonymous are also shared). There is some provision in recently released code to make back-ldap retry if the connection is dead, which may help you (see CHANGES for 2.2.15). Recently, this has been improved (see http://www.openldap.org/lists/openldap-commit/200410/msg00012.html), but it's not released yet. You may try HEAD code (it should do no harm if all you need is back-ldap; the rest may not be production-ready), or consider the possibility to backport that improvement to 2.2.17.


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