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Re: ldap_add read binary from file

Kurt D. Zeilenga schrieb:

At 06:53 AM 10/1/2004, W.Schefe wrote:

Hallo, group,
my question:
I want to insert a userCertificate from a file into the tree with

ldap_add ... -f ldif.ldif ... and the ldif- construct

userCertificate;binary:< file:///usr/local/certificat.asc

(the certificat.asc is a normal utf8 pgp text file)
The result is, that the file was been red, it starts add and breaks with
ldap_add: Invalid syntax
      additional info: userCertificate;binary: value #0 invalid per syntax

Where I can find out more about this problem or, what is a solution, so that I get back
while searching the inserted userCertificate as file ?

The problem here is not with your LDIF, but the fact that your file doesn't include a value of the appropriate syntax for the attribute. That's what the error means. The value of userCertificate, which must always be transferred using ;binary (e.g., BER), is a X.509 user certificate. See RFC 2252/2256.


Thanks, Kurt,
my understanding of binary mode was another, sorry, I thought that the slapd converts it for itself, but your RFC hint gives me a little bit more light in my darkness.. :-)