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RE: Config Question Re BDB version

Thanx, I figured that on my own.
This should perhaps be more clearly identified in the install file.

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Sent: den 30 september 2004 16:46
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Subject: Re: Config Question Re BDB version

Or if it still gives the error after you set LDFLAGS and CPPFLAGS, you
might need to add /usr/local/lib to LD_LIBRARY_PATH,i.e,export
In my case 'configure' insisted on this even after passing
LDFLAGS="-L%{berkely_home}/lib"' to  it.
--- Bengt Hammarlin <Bengt.Hammarlin@mobeon.com>

> I am trying to set up 2.2.15.
> I installed Berkley DB 4.2.52 (latest) in /usr/local and then I try to

> run the config scrips as follows;
> %> ./configure
> I get the following result;
> .
> .   (lotsa removed lines...)
> .
> checking for Berkley DB link (-ldb-4.2)... yes checking for Berkley DB

> version match... no
> configure: error: Berkley DB version mismatch %>
> The /usr/local/include/db.h has 4.2.52 in the appropriate #defines.
> What am I missing???
> Thanx for any help
> BH

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