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Re: Passwords don't appear to hash ???

At 04:28 PM 9/30/2004, Rob Tanner wrote:
>I have OpenLdap v.2.2.17 installed and when I add passwords encrytion does
>not happen -- even when I added the line "password-hash  {SSHA} to
>slapd.conf.  I even tried adding a record as an LDIF using the ldapadd
>command, and prefacing the password text with {SSHA}, and still all that
>appears to be stored is a BASE64 version of the cleartext password.
>Ldapsearch returns clear text.

By design.

>Is there some additional setting that I'm missing?

Use of the LDAP Password Modify Extended Operation, e.g.,
ldappasswd(1).  See slapd.conf(5).