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Re: Implementing LDAP Newbie! Help please

At 11:30 AM 9/29/2004, James Marcinek wrote:
>I'm trying to implement Open-LDAP.

I suggest you start by following the Quick Start Guide.

>I've been reading the books/docs and online
> docs and I'm now to the point where I'm trying to create my .ldif files using
> the /usr/share/openldap/migration tools.  I keep getting errors trying to run
> migrate_all_offline.sh script.

These migration tools, and this script, are not part of OpenLDAP

> I've never used NIS in this environment and I want to also implement samba.

Not OpenLDAP Software.

> but wondered if I should wait until I know
> it's running before I turn this on:

Generally wise to take small steps.... starting as suggested above.

> Now I'm wanting to implement Samba

That's a topic for another list.

> As I'm new I didn't change the database type that was defined in the file (left
> as is). Would it be advisable to change the type and if so did they too get
> installed with the default open-ldap packages?

You should follow the quick start guide.
> Now when I run the /usr/share/openldap/migration/migrate_all_offline.sh

I would guess that you are not using the tool as intended or
that the tool is not working as intended.  You should consult
with the tool's documentation (and/or code) to see if you
are using it properly and whether its working as intended.
Any issues you might have with the tool should be directed
to a forum supporting the tool.  Not sure what forum that
would be, check the documentation (and/or code).

> + /usr/sbin/slapadd -l /tmp/nis.ldif.zfjTlI
> slapadd: could not parse entry (line=71)
> When I parse the temp file on line 71 I get the following (set nu enabled):

The problem entry may be the one above line 71.  
> As I'm getting these errors with the shell script I'm not sure of how to
> proceed.  Can anyone give me some pointers?

See above comments.