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Automatically restarting Syncrepl on a consumer if the Provider restarts.

I've been over the docs and newsgroups and can't find anything to help me on this one.

I'm using Syncrepl in "refreshAndPersist" mode and when I restart the provider all of the consumers loose synchronization until I restart them. I understand that this is occurring because the provider losses the persistent query that the consumer initially sent. I tried setting the timeout and interval on the consumer but it never tires to resend the query to the provider. Is there a way I can get it to resend the connection on a regular basis? I understand that refreshOnly would achieve this but I need fast synchronization. Having the consumer detect this situation and resending the query would save me from having to restart all the consumers every time I restart the provider.

Here's the log entry that I see on the consumer:
"do_syncrep2 : Can't contact LDAP server"

Thanks, James Saint-Rossy