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Re: Garbage entries with intense use


Rafa <rafael.cano.ext@juntadeandalucia.es> writes:

> I have noticed that when I do massive updates on my OpenLdap my db
> size increases astonishingly, so I have to take an ldif and create
> from scratch periodically. Obvioulsy a garbage-entries problem, but
> seems to be very frequent. I supose it is a db problem, not an ldap
> problem (in that case, it would have been fixed yet ;)). I don't know
> exactly wich db uses my server, but it uses .dbb extensions in its
> files.
> Do you know where is the problem exactly? If the cause is in the db
> engine, can you recommend me a better one?

You don't give examples and files so it is only my guessing, but it
might be the log files, for more information see

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