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Re: back-sql insert: entry at root denied

Pierangelo Masarati wrote:

The meaning of this test is: "adding an entry without a parent is something very special", so it has to be possible only for special users or in special circumstances. I undrestand back-sql is all special, so I wouldn't mind a configure option that says: "let everybody add entries without a parent" (of course provided ACLs grant them entry write access). Someting like

   allow_orphans    {NO|yes}

so that the test would become

if ( ( ( !be_isroot( op ) && !be_shadow_update( op ) )
|| !BER_BVISEMPTY( &pdn ) ) && !is_entry_glue( op->oq_add.rs_e ) && !bi->bi_allow_orphans )
{ ... } else { /* ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ */
parent_id.eid_id = 0;

also, an empty insentry_query should mean that no modifications of the ldap_entries table should be attempted (sort of implying that a view is used, or a trigger for modifications at the RDBMS side is in place).

Just committed this to HEAD; I won't add it to RE22 unless it proves useful.

The main implication is that you'd be allowed to create orphaned entries, i.e. entries without a "real" parent, just rooted at somewhere that does not exist, or, even worse, that exists, but it's not exactly one level above in the tree structure. I also note that another drawback of not having a real entry for the database suffix is that the search optimizations that I'm working at will break the current behavior, i.e. subtree searches will require the search base to exist. I guess right now you can search your database even if the suffix entry does not exist (but you cannot do onelevel searches). This is going to be no longer possible shortly (in HEAD; perhaps a bit later in RE22).

Just committed this as well. Now the base object of a search needs to exist.

Another approach I'm considering, based on the usage many people I assume are doing of back-sql, is to provide a "fake" in-memory suffix entry, with the rest of the database being flat and based on a single view for the rest of the entries. Something much like the good old back-passwd...

I'll put this on the "short back-sql todo list" for view users... in the meanwhile, I suggest not to use HEAD code, or subtree searches with nonexisting baseobject will fail.


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