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Re: [ldap] Addressbook

man, 27.09.2004 kl. 17.54 skrev George Barnett:

> I'm busy trying to move my addressbook into ldap and I'm running into a 
> snag.
> Say I have the entry:
> dn: cn=Doug Test,ou=addressbook,dc=alink,dc=co,dc=za
> objectClass: top
> objectClass: person
> objectClass: organizationalPerson
> objectClass: inetOrgPerson
> givenName: Doug
> sn: Test
> cn: Doug
> mail: doug@wang.com
> mail: doug@foobar.com
> Now, this imports fine, but the Mozilla address book as supplied with 

I refuse to honor your cross post ;)

You probably have to have the proper Mozilla (mozillaperson etc.) or
whatever schemas.

You give no software or distro versions, so it's crystal-ball gazing
time again ...


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