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Re: How to discover ldap servers in a network.

There is no standardized method for finding LDAP
servers on a network, or for a domain... but
OpenLDAP Software has some features in both of these

slapd(8) supports the server location protocol
(--enable-slp) based upon OpenSLP. 

OpenLDAP libldap has some routines to map DNs to
domain names and to do find LDAP servers for
domain names.  See dnssrv.c.

I note the more traditional approach would be to
simply configure your client with knowledge of
some set of LDAP servers and then to use these
servers to find others.  slapd-dnssrv(5) may be
useful here.


At 12:54 PM 9/26/2004, Chenna Arnoori wrote:

>        I want some guidelines to discover or locate  ldap servers in a network . I heard about DNS approach , are there any better approaches than this?
>        Is there a API call in openLDAP  or in DNS  to accomplish this?  
>        Your help is greatly appreciated. 
>        Thanks in advance.