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back-sql writes binding improperly


I'm trying to allow updates through back-sql. I have add_proc for
telephoneNumber defined as:

'update utahlink..educator set phone=? where teacher_id=convert(integer,?)'

Does that look ok with the parameters? param_order is 3 by the way. I have to convert(integer,?) numbers because all numbers are getting bound as varchars by freetds. (yes, it's a pain.) The update looks like:

$ ldapmodify -H ldap://iceman.uen.org -D uid=admin,dc=my,dc=uen,dc=org
-x -W -f ~/mid
modifying entry "uid=bmidgley,dc=my,dc=uen,dc=org"

$ cat mid
dn: uid=bmidgley,dc=my,dc=uen,dc=org
telephoneNumber: 801-555-5555

But then the freetds log shows that it is being executed as:

update utahlink..educator set phone='' where

The value of the phone number is nowhere to be found in what's being executed. Any idea what happened? Which part of add.c should I look at?