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RE: fascism

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> Christopher Hicks
> Sent: Tuesday, September 21, 2004 9:52 AM
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> Subject: fascism
> On Tue, 21 Sep 2004, another mailing member shaped the 
> electrons to say: 
> > I agree. Quite frankly, the whole purpose of LDAP is not 
> the fact it's 
> > an application, but rather what you can do with it. I have 
> spent the 
> > past 14 years working as a pro in this environment and I still find 
> > this forum a little limited in its view.
> On Mon, 20 Sep 2004, one mailing list member wrote:
> > Its really great seeing you putting in your 2 cents worth !
> The fact that these folks weren't comfortable talking about 
> this on the 
> mailing list, but would rather send me private email with 
> these sentiments 
> clearly illustrates the sort of chill that fascism causes.
> -- 
> </chris>

I'm comfortable talking about this issue in public.  Kurt was right to put an end to this discussion by exercising his authority as list administrator.  Your statement that his action is "fascism" is outrageous;  Kurt does not "exercise ... strong autocratic or dictatorial control" [Webster's Definition #2 for "fascism"] over what is posted on the list.  I hope your carping on the matter does not sway his decision.

Your resume claims a notable list of talents and accomplishments.  However, one skill you should cultivate is the use of an Internet search engine when you run up against a problem without an obvious solution.  A Google search of "outlook newsgroups" reveals 19 newsgroups devoted to all aspects of Outlook.  Kurt went above and beyond the call when he gave you a link to Microsoft support.  As a freebee, I offer another.  I suggest you throw yourself at the tender mercies of an appropriate microsoft.public.outlook.* group and ask for help.

Bill Bormann
Purdue University