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Re: fascism

At 06:20 AM 9/21/2004, Christopher Hicks wrote:
>I'm just asking to be allowed to have this discussion without people who don't know the answer choosing to supress conversation. 

As I noted when I took the action, the discussion of your
Outlook question was suppressed on this list (but obviously
not on other lists where that topic would be more
appropriate discussed) as it was deemed off-topic.  As
list administrator, I am charged by the OpenLDAP Project
with making that determination as well as taking appropriate
steps to keep this list on-topic.

I note that I have suppressed the meta-discussion
regarding whether my actions were appropriate in this
case, or whether the general list management practices
or list charter should be changed.  Posts in this area
are welcomed.  However, I do remind you and others that
proper Netiquette is to maintained.  It is expected that
everyone will avoid use of inflammatory language.