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Can OpenLDAP ignore or map an attribute required by an application?

I have an application (iPlanet Messaging Server 5.2) that has an address
book component that I am trying to point at a new OpenLDAP 2.2.15
installation.  I have noticed that when I search via this addressbook,
OpenLDAP gives me no results, and I see this in the logs:

A packet sniff of the transaction shows me that the search is submitted

mgmanHidden seems to be a Netscape specific attribute.  I would rather
not extend my schema with this attribute if possible, and I cannot seem
to find a way to modify the application.  Is there a simple way to get
OpenLDAP to ignore this attribute (or perhaps, all bad attributes), or
map this single attribute to something else (perhaps, my uconnHidden
attribute)?  If possible, I'd also rather not get into the additional
overhead of back-ldap to do this mapping.

Thanks all,

Matthew J. Smith <matt.smith@uconn.edu>
University of Connecticut ITS
PGP Key: http://web.uconn.edu/dotmatt/matt.asc

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