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Help Needed: Migration to LDAP

Hi All,

I think I spent too much time on my unfruitful attempts
to migrate to LDAP that I started to fall behind on other
stringent tasks. So, I'm seeking a professional help to
assist me in performing this migration.

Basically, I have 2 servers (Fedora/RedHat9) and over
1,000 users. The main services such as email, webmail
(horde/imp), low-traffic web services, etc are running
on the main server. The second server only service
high-bandwidth media files (via Apache). need to move
everything to LDAP as I'm getting tired with updating
and synchronizing everything by hand. I also would
like to keep track of how much web traffic each user
has consumed. All services (included web) requires
authentication/authorization using a secure mechanism.
I have the latest packages installed and running, but
I'm unable to have them configured correctly to work.

I just need everything configured correctly along with
the day-to-day administration instructions, such as
adding/removing users and such. If anyone has the time
and the interest to overtake this task, please send me
a quote.

Thank you very much.