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Working openLDAP with mySQL as backend, but still two questions

Hi people,

I have to access existing data in a mySQL-DB with LDAP and try to
achieve this with OpenLDAP, iODBC and backend-sql und Linux. Took me
some time to find out, that only the postgres-sql-scripts under
servers/slapd/back-sql/rdbms_depend/pgsql are actively maintained and
that their counterpart (.../mysql) for mySQL were having missing fields
etc. I then changed the mysql-sql-scripts according to the pgsql-scripts
(plus the example slapd.conf) and have now a working OpenLDAP with mySQL
as backend. Yuppiee!

A side note:
During this work I realized, that mySQL cannot support write access over
backend-mysql like postgresql because it doesn't have stored procedures
(and mySQL v. 5's "stored procedure" are not really worth beeing called
 that and not even able to do a SELECT). Foutunately, I only want to
have read-access to my DB over LDAP :-)

I have two questions now:

1) To whom can I send the fixs mysql-sql-scripts and the sample
slapd.conf in servers/slapd/back-sql/rdbms_depend/pgsql to check in to CVS?

2) One problem still bugs me when querying openldap with mysql as
backend, although it doesn't seem to influence the outcome of the query:
When I do a
#> ldapsearch -b "o=sql,c=RU" "(objectClass=*)"
with slapd startet with -d 5, I have at multiple places in th output the
following sql-error:

==>backsql_get_attr_vals(): oc="inetOrgPerson" attr="ref" keyval=3
backsql_get_attr_values(): error executing attribute query "SELECT
ldap_referrals.url AS ref FROM persons WHERE persons.id=? AND
ldap_entries.id=ldap_referrals.entry_id and
ldap_entries.keyval=persons.id and ldap_entries.oc_map_id=1"
Return code: -1
   Native error code: 1109
   SQL engine state:  S1000
   Message:           [MySQL][ODBC 3.51 Driver][mysqld-4.0.20]Unknown
table 'ldap_referrals' in field list

The SQL statement fails, because it cannot return fields from the
(existing) table "ldap_referrals" without including this table in the
FROM-clause. Unfortunately, I can't imagine where I could fix this in
the sql-scripts or slapd.conf :-(. Even when I create a DB without the
two last SQL-statements in my adapted mysql/testdb_metadata.sql, e.g.
without ...

insert into ldap_entry_objclasses (entry_id,oc_name) values (4,'referral');

... and ...

insert into ldap_referrals (entry_id,url) values (4,'ldap://localhost/');

..., nothing changes :-(.

Can someone help me with 1) or 2)?