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RE: Backend authentication

Some time ago you kindly offered the attached advice regarding delegated

What I want to do is run my own local LDAP service for information but use a
remote LDAP service for the authentication process: to the user it should
appear that they are authenticating with my LDAP service - i.e. they are not
aware of the 3rd party service.

Another list member suggested:

database bdb
suffice  "ou=HooHa,ou=...,dc=nakedgeeks,dc=ru"
directory /var/lib/ldap

databse ldap
lastmod off
user    "ldap://master";

Does this make any sense?

Thanks for your help.

  Simon Oliver

> > I would like
> > to utilize the "master" server for authentication purposes so that
> > when users change their "master" password they can still log into
> > my local LDAP
> > server.
> > Is this possible?
> Yes, using back-ldap.