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format of -h argument to ldapsearch and friends

Descendents of UMich LDAP libraries generally take (where one LDAP
server's DNS name is required) optional additional LDAP servers, if
they're separated by spaces.


  ldapsearch -h 'ldap1.college.edu ldap2.college.edu' ...

Although the change might be present in earlier versions, I only
just noticed recently (OpenLDAP 2.2.17) that this syntax is no longer
possible.  I receive the following error when I attempt to use the
above syntax:

  Could not create LDAP session handle for
  URI=ldap://ldap1.college.edu ldap2.college.edu -9):
  Bad parameter to an ldap routine

It was perfectly fine in 2.0.x and 2.1.29.  And it's become standard
practice in a lot of other LDAP-enabled software.

BTW, don't forget the opening parends in the above error message
(clients/tools/common.c, line 690; before the %d).


Richard Goerwitz                               richard@Goerwitz.COM
tel: 507 645 7015