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can we have non-replication of data in distributed directory service?

Hello group,
I want to know if and how one can provide non-replication of directory information in a distributed directory environment. Selected people from my organization and othercompany (othercompany.com) are working together on a project. Information about the selected users from othercompany.com is available through their LDAP server. I want my ldap server to query for information about the selected users from othercompany.com.

I maintain a sub-tree of my organization LDAP server. openLDAP is not allowing me to do add referal object to my organizationUnit declaration in ldif file

dn: ou=subtree,dc=example,dc=net
ou: subtree
objectclass: organizationalUnit
objectclass: top
ref: ldap://othercompany.com/cn=Manager,ou=Research,dc=othercompany,dc=com

When i try adding this information to the LDAP server the following error is reported

ldap_add: Object class violation (65)
        additional info: attribute "ref" only allowed in the referral

Is there a way i can do this? Please let me know