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Simple replication won't work


I'd want to setup replication between my two servers. First thing:

Master: Debian Testing (Sarge)
        openldap 2.1.30
Slave:  FreeBSD 5.2 RELEASE

When i configure my system with:
On the master:
# Slurpd config
replogfile      /var/lib/ldap-cacholong/replog
replica         host=router.cacholong.nl:389
                bindmethod=simple credentials=mysecretpassword

On the slave:
## Slurpd config
updatedn        "uid=repli,dc=cacholong,dc=nl"
updateref       ldap://server.cacholong.nl

That's all the specific things for replication and when i see the
documentation on www.openldap.org it is almost the same.

But now it comes when i delete an account for example:

i get the following in my reject files in
/var/spool/slurpd/replica/router.cacholong.nl\:389.rej :
replica: router.cacholong.nl:389
time: 1095363832.0
dn: cn=bla,dc=cacholong,dc=nl
changetype: delete

Well if i get an Error maybe then i know what's maybe wrong but now it's
guessing what's going on.

Matthijs Mohlmann