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Re: Help with regexp substring capturing in 'filter' ACL clause

On Thu, 16 Sep 2004, Dieter Kluenter wrote:

>section: Sets in Access Controls
>section: More on sets and how ...

	I appreciate the attempt to help, Dieter, but that FAQ entry
(which I had already perused) doesn't help me. I know how to do regexp
capture in general -- my issue is with doing so within a *filter*.
Filters have parentheses as special characters that signity filter
element grouping, but regexp capture uses parentheses as well. In fact,
it looks like the parentheses inside the filter expression ge treated
literally -- so even if I try to capture a literal word within a filter,
without using the resulting capture in any <who> elements, the lookup
starts failing:

access to filter=(cscfPersonGroupDN=cn=(somegroup),dc=example,dc=com) attr=uidNumber
       by self read
       by dn="cn=somegroup,dc=example,dc=com" read
       by * -w break

	So my question is not how to capture matches from a regexp in
general, but how do I do so for matches inside the filter specification.
Helpful though OpenSSH FAQ is, I have not been able to extract an answer
to that question from it.

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