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Re: SSF and binds

Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:

Is there any way in OpenLDAP 2.2.x to say the following:

1) binds must occur over sessions with an SSF of at least 63

2) UNLESS the peer is (in which case a lower SSF is

Yes that is posible, in principle. But I would use ldapi instead of localhost. The socket has a build-in ssf of 71.

Is it possible to *assign* connections from/to a specific peer an SSF?

Not presently.

Consider it a low-priority feature request, then. It would be great if systems people (who presumably can be trusted to know what they're doing if they want to assign an SSF to a connection to a particular peer) could assign connections an SSF.

E.g., I occasionally construct dedicated VPNs or other links that our
network administrator considers reasonably secure (enough to assign
the transport an SSF > 0).


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