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Re: IMHO incorrect info in the documentation

At 08:36 AM 9/14/2004, Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote:
>Actually, that is a fairly standard reply.  If you find a bug, use the bug tracking system to report it.  If you aren't sure it is a bug, use the appropriate list to gather a little more info, and then decide accordingly. 

Yes, basically a canned response.

I note that the most manual responses to mail to
<info@openldap.org> merely echo the automated response
suggested, and generally with the same basic purpose.
The general purpose of these responses is to refer to
enquirer to the appropriate (project or other) resource
for resolution of the enquiry.  As OpenLDAP Software
is community-supported, most every enquiry about OpenLDAP
Software will be redirected to a community resource, as
was done in this case.