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Re: id: cannot find name for user ID 500

At 07:12 AM 9/14/2004, Markus Nicolussi wrote:
>I have set up an ldap server with Fedora Core 2 to autenthicate for an bunch
>of users using also FC2. Theyr home dirs are mounted automatically over NFS.
>It took me 1 week, but so far so good. Now i want to use TLS/SSL to secure
>the whole thing a bit. But as i turn on the encryption i get the following
>error after a login:
>login: testuser
>Last login: Tue Sep 14 12:59:33 on :0
>id: cannot find name for user ID 500
>id: Es ist kein Name zur Nutzer-ID 500 zu finden
>[I have no name!@acerAspire testuser]$
>though a ls -l gives me the groupname it just displays the uid instead of
>the username. without TLS it works just fine! I don't know if this is a NSS,
>PAM or OpenLDAP Problem...

Well, you should isolate the problem so that you can take it up
to the right mailing list.  I suggest you make sure ldapsearch(1)
is working properly before trying non-OpenLDAP clients such
as NSS/LDAP and PAM/LDAP... and before ldapsearch(1), you might
try the OpenSSL clients (to eliminate OpenSSL issues).