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Re: How to send a mail to a serviceA@mydomain.com address without picking up each persons in this service

No, I don't think so !
I'm really looking for a way to configure my ldap server in order to configure only one attribute for the "SERVICEA" level which would be able to look (by itself) through the different levels and catch all the email adresses he can find for this "SERVICEA"...

Le lun 13/09/2004 à 12:45, ramana a écrit :
Xavier SANVOISIN wrote:

> I need to configre a service in which I would have the possibility to 
> use an attribute which would pick up all my users emails for this service.
> Example :
> For my domain "mydomain.com" , I have several services, service A, 
> service B...
> In the Service A, I have several persons who all have an email address.
> And I want to send a mail to all the users of this service A.
> Instead of searching and wondering who is in this service, I'd like to 
> have the possibility to send a mail to _serviceA@mydomain.com_ 
> <mailto:serviceA@mydomain.com>, in which all my persons of this group 
> would have their email address.
> Hom could I do that, please ? 

May be http://www.intraperson.com is your solution.