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Re: replicating back-sql data

>>>ldapsearch -H ldaps://xx.uen.org -D uid=bmidgley,dc=my,dc=uen,dc=org -x
>>>-W -d 256 -z 10 "(uid=bmidgley)"
>>>It looks like the backend selects all records from ldap_entries. It
>>>takes about 6 seconds on our fastest db server.
>> This is strange, since your filter should result in
>> an exact match search.
> I thought so too.

Can you provide a log of the server when the search is performed?  I mean,
start slapd with -d -1 and extract the portion that refers to back-sql
where the query is formed and candidates are selected; please include also
where the search parameters (i.e. base, scope, filter and attrs) are


Pierangelo Masarati

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