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Re: Newbie OpenLDAP/SSL/Certificates question (now works)

Stefan Champailler wrote:

 I managed to get it working (well, I think, future will tell more).

 I'd like to point out two things that, IMHO, are quite "hidden" in
 the natural places where one looks for information (how-to's, faq).
 Could someone be kind enough to tell me if those statements are
 correct ? If so, I'll fill a change request so that the documentation
 gets updated a bit.

> Dear you all,
> I'm (desperately :)) trying to get my OpenLDAP up and running with
> SSL. I had some success so far, but I'm stuck now.
> I've installed OpenLDAP,SSL,SASL,BDB successfuly. All work fine. OL
> recognizes SASL as well as SSL (well, I think so, but considering
> all the things I've done, it looks like everything is responding
> quite well).

> (PS: I've read in this ml policy that one shouldn't post about SSL
> issues, but because I think my certificates are right, well, you
> know...)

More importantly, one shouldn't omit release/version numbers of the software from their posts. Filing a request to update documentation when the information is already present in the current docs suggests you have either (a) not read the docs carefully or (b) used docs from a much older release. Given the detail present in your email I believe you have read carefully, so I must assume that (b) was the case.

This is another good reason why most posts regarding older releases (i.e., anything older than 2.2.15) will be summarily dismissed with "you need to upgrade."

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