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RE: Install package

I am sorry if I was unclear. My question was not so much a matter of
install system per se, but rather what files go where. The information
regarding installation is not particularly easy to find from the
makefiles. I am rather well versed in Make but still consider that info
as obscure at best.
I was hoping that someone in this forum has a clear description of what
files I need to collect and where they are supposed to go.


BH :-)

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This is really off-topic here.  If you're using Linux, each distribution
comes with a packaging system (.rpm, .deb, ...).  Look at docs about how
to prepare packages.  Other OSes and systems usually provide their own
packaging/installing tools.  At worst, check what "make install" does
and collect all files in a tar.gz.


> Hi guys,
> I need to build OpenLDAP on one box and then install on other boxes 
> (that do not have the required stuff, make etc).
> How do I package an install image so that I get all required files and

> in the right place
> Thanx in advance for any help!
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