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modifying PGP schema 4 Openldap

Trying to understand what is missing, here is my

Following the instructions as provided by PGP Inc.
I've add the schemas and created the databases. I can
successfully add,update,import and search for pub

When I use PGPAdmin to update the PGP preferences I
get and error "no object found" The object attribute
that is being looked for is "baseClientPrefDN", who's
value points to the DN were the prefs are stored.

Basically all PGPAdmin and PGP client software will do
anonymous bind looking for a container,
cn=PGPServerInfo. This container holds information
which points the client to where stuff gets put in the
directory. The instructions for creating the ldif file
include one attribute that points the client to the
PGP Keys location. "pgpBaseKeyspaceDN: ou=PGP

I'm not an ldap expert but this attribute type is not
listed in any of the PGP schemas as provided by PGP
Inc. From what I've read you need to create/modify an
Objectclass to include attribute type

Does anyone know what needs to be added? Has anyone
been able to get prefs server update working?


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