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newbie: how to discover the valid attributes for a given DN

Hi all,

I'm making some tests with the example server www.nldap.com, and i created
a DN for me:
"dn: cn=bnegrao,ou=Bnegrao,ou=user,o=NOVELL"

So, i'd like to know what attributes this DN is capable to store. I already
know how to retrieve the stored attributes with the command:

ldapsearch -x -b "ou=user, o=novell" -h www.nldap.com cn=bnegrao

But, i want to know what are all the attributes could I fill for this DN?

If this DN is from the objectClasses: objectClass: inetOrgPerson,
organizationalPerson, person, top, ndsLoginProperties, what attributes do
these classes support?